Finally Ready to Share


I started a new blog here.


Road Trip!

My sister graduated from high school {congrats!}, and as her graduation present she asked us to take her on a road trip to...........Indiana....... 

Yippee, Camilla!

Mr. B and I took turns driving the 30 HOURS!

...Camilla slept.

Indiana, here we come!


Homosexuality at the Y

Interesting video. I liked it. And I think it's an important message for a lot of people.

Found a Breath of Fresh Air

I went to Radiolab LIVE "In the Dark" at Capital Theater.


Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich

I've listened to Radiolab for years, but it always reminds me of hot summer afternoons riding the subway home in NYC. 

Don't know what Radiolab is? Listen to at least one episode here. You'll love it. It's a podcast that explores ideas in a fast-paced, fresh fold of audio and expertise, not to mention the casual and entertaining nature of the two hosts. 

I couldn't believe I saw them LIVE! 

The show walked through the development and miracle of the eye, including how it adjusts to light.  The second part of the show shared the incredible story of a NASA astronaut who found himself locked outside his aircraft in the deathly black of sun-less space. 

The voices of Jad and Robert accompanied by some awesome music and funky dancing--couldn't have asked for anything more to help bring me out of my blah. 


I'm Still Alive

Hello, stranger.

Or rather, I suppose I'm the stranger. Yeah, been awhile. I know.

So much has happened in my life. Let me try to catch you up.

I still work in the Translation Dept. of LDS Church HQ. I'm the ASL (American Sign Language) supervisor for church interpretation events and translation projects. So, things like CES Devotionals, General Conference, Sunday School manuals, etc., I set up and supervise the interpretation or oversee accuracy of the translation.

This position has been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. Co-worker problems, personal insecurities, and a multitude of pressures and stresses daily nipping at my heels has pushed me to tears on more than one occasion--including multiple times this past week.

Robbie and I are still incredibly happy together. He is my sunshine.

I grew my hair out. ( It grows fast.) Went about 5 or so inches down my back, until last week when I chopped it all off again.

I took and passed the second level Utah interpreter certification test. I took and failed the national NIC interpreter certification test. Heartbreaking. Actually, it killed part of me really. Still haven't recovered.

Robbie serves in the YM with the Priests, and I serve in the YW with the Beehives. It's taken me while to feel really comfortable in our ward, but it's okay now.

I've developed a new liking for the food channel. Love it actually.

Almost done reading "Devil in the White City." Already bought a new book to start, but I don't remember what it's called.

Robbie and I have a fish. Robbie named him Freddy. (Fred when he's in trouble.) After two weeks Robbie said, "Oh, no! Have we fed the fish?" "We?..." Luckily, I'd been feeding the fish, and Freddy sits quite happily in a Mason jar by the sink. I've managed to keep him alive, but somehow kill all the plants I get. Sigh. Don't know how I'll manage my dream flower garden if I keep this up.

....think that's most of it for now.



Dinner for One, Please.

Robbie is gone all week.

First time ever sleeping in an empty house.

Expecting a night of heavy eyes but no rest.

Hopefully the "baby killer" from Law and Order doesn't come to get me.


Ordinary Days

Sunday Robbie and I hit 3 months of marriage. Can you believe it? 

We've learned so much about each other and ourselves, and have loved every minute of it!

Our biggest adventure as of late has been living with only one car that just so happened to break down two days ago. After over $1000 of repairs, we're up and running again...like I said, an adventure.

In the meantime, before we venture into the world of people-who-own-two-cars, we survive with carefully coordinated schedules and bus passes. 

Bus culture is something else. I've ridden the bus for years--6am through SLC, 3 hours to get from college to visit home for a holiday weekend, a summer of New York rides, and now an hour and a half to and from work every day. I'd say I've had my share of experiences on public transportation. 

Just the other day I wound up as the only passenger for a 30 minute ride. I hear the entire life story of my driver. 

This one was a new one though. I overheard the bus driver inform someone that he'd gotten a complaint from a rider... a complaint that he was too good looking. Ha! Gotta love riding the bus.

Oh, and it's football season. Four months until I see my husband again...

Dang, I love that man.